Sunday, December 7, 2008

bracing for the cold

I just spent the last hour and a half looking for gloves, and for someone who hates any shopping that isn't for books, wine, or groceries, that's a huge accomplishment! Well, it would be had I actually made a purchase. I'm looking for a pair that one would wear were they planning a week-long trek through Antarctica. No, I'm not going to Antarctica....that's just how cold my hands feel in these somewhat less treacherous Oklahoma winters! In the past, I've just worn three (okay, sometimes four) pair of gloves with those little warmer things that hunters used tucked inside, but peeling off all those layers while trying to order a coffee after the run takes up valuable time. Not to mention the number of stares it garners.... I know people are wondering why I'm out there running in such conditions that require all this bundling up! Truthfully, I wonder that myself sometimes. Anyway, in my internet search (oh yeah, I was shopping from home, as I couldn't be bothered to layer on the gloves and venture out into the cold), I found what may be the winter glove of all winter gloves - battery powered heated mittens! It's like the running gods are smiling down on me. Now if only I can find someone who has seen these to verify that they actually work. So if anyone out there stumbles upon this post, take a look at these and let me know what you think. Thanks in advance for saving me precious minutes in the Starbucks line.

On another note, yesterday was the Downtown in December course, lots of good costumes, coffee at the end, and I took third in my age group.


Willie said...

If you are looking at battery powered gloves you must have serious problems.... with you hands I mean!

On another note, SERIOUSLY! The First STARBUCKS? You've been there???? OMG I'm so jealous.

Where did we get good coffee before Starbucks?

Great blog, I absolutely love it.

Reese said...

Thanks for the comment. Glad to see you're blogging now. I look forward to your views on life. I already like your first post. What a tribute. Short and to the point, the best kind. Great job on your second place finish.

Willie said...

Ok, bloggers MUST BLOG! We miss you and want to run a few steps with you.